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Wonder Makes Us Who We Are.

At the University of Arizona, wonder drives us to question, explore, push limits and overcome boundaries to discover our true potential. What will wonder make you?

Wonder Makes Me...

Wonder Makes Me Build...

What if we used quantum mechanics to build a safer internet? Sounds daunting but PhD student Ashlesha is up for the task.

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Wonder Makes Me Seek...

Carina Bennett followed her wonder into the exploration of space where she tracks and observes the rocky surface of asteroid Bennu for the UArizona-led, NASA-backed OSIRIS-REx mission.

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Wonder Makes Me Soar...

Let wonder expand your horizons like it did for Mira, at the University of Arizona. Here, trying new things is encouraged by faculty and courses are tailored to your core passions. So you can do what you've never done before.

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Wonder Makes Me Speak...

Unlock wonder at the University of Arizona and understand how your voice can help shape policy and politics. "If you're looking to contribute to the world like I am, this university is the place to start." - Patrick Robles

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To be a Wildcat is to acknowledge your own wonder and power, then turn it into action.


At the University of Arizona there are 300+ majors offered and 9 out of 10 students receive financial aid.

Student Life

When the sun shines year-round, opportunity calls. Catch a show, hike a trail, crash a tailgate, get with the Greeks.

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