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Wonder surrounds us. The wonder of the desert, groundbreaking research and the endless sky above, drives us to do extraordinary things.
Wonder Sends Your Mind on a MissionYT button

Wonder Sends Your Mind on a Mission

When you imagine big, you can reach even greater heights. Sometimes it’s just a matter of permitting yourself to go after your greatest dreams plus having the support of your university to help make it happen. In this video, one student embraces her early curiosity about space, then finds herself light years ahead, unlocking some of the greatest mysteries of the universe.
Wonder Is World-ChangingYT button

Wonder Is World-Changing

At the University of Arizona, you can work on critical research, even as an undergraduate. Research like sustaining the world’s coral reefs, which is being studied at the Ocean in Biosphere 2. In this video, geosciences undergraduate student Dani Schwartz shares how wonder drives her to collaborate with others to save our natural wonders.
Wonder Is a Team SportYT button

Wonder Is a Team Sport

The University of Arizona unites us – no matter our background or hometown. This is a powerful, diverse community where exploration is encouraged and boundaries are surpassed. No matter how you attend the University of Arizona, you will find a collaborative, caring Wildcat family.
Wonder Makes Us MoveYT button

Wonder Makes Us Move

What if you always embraced the unknown and never let fear get in the way of your dreams? See how Taylor’s wonder and perseverance moved him to dance in an internationally recognized show alongside fellow Wildcats.
Wonder Makes Us InspireYT button

Wonder Makes Us Inspire

Jocelyne found her wonder at the University of Arizona through research and motivating others, and it led to her becoming the first Hispanic woman ever accepted into the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Program.
Wonder Makes Us BuildYT button

Wonder Makes Us Build

What if we used quantum mechanics to build a safer internet? Sounds daunting but PhD student Ashlesha is up for the task. What problems will wonder make you solve?
Wonder Makes Us SpeakYT button

Wonder Makes Us Speak

Unlock wonder at the University of Arizona and understand how your voice can help shape policy and politics. "If you're looking to contribute to the world like I am, this university is the place to start." - Patrick Robles
Wonder Makes Us SoarYT button

Wonder Makes Us Soar

Let wonder expand your horizons like it did for Mira, at the University of Arizona. Here, trying new things is encouraged by faculty and courses are tailored to your core passions. So you can do what you've never done before.
Wonder Makes Us SearchYT button

Wonder Makes Us Search

Jazmyn Winzer reflects on the natural wonder of Arizona that she experienced while conducting research for her entomology studies.
Wonder Makes Us SeekYT button

Wonder Makes Us Seek

Check out Carina Bennett's story of outer space through an artist's lens.
Wonder Makes Us ExploreYT button

Wonder Makes Us Explore

Meet the scientist behind the incredible optics on the new James Webb Space Telescope.
Wonder Makes Us CreateYT button

Wonder Makes Us Create

Iraqi-born artist Sama Alshaibi focuses her lens on the desert, water and the power of perseverance.
Wonder Makes Us AchieveYT button

Wonder Makes Us Achieve

When Phil Evans became a paraplegic six years ago, he never thought he would play sports again.
Wonder Makes Us Find a WayYT button

Wonder Makes Us Find a Way

Wonder. It’s what fuels our Bear Down spirit. While the world is at home hoping, many of us are out helping. That’s because no matter what the setback, we keep coming back. To campus. To each other. To move the world forward. At the University of Arizona, wonder finds a way.
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